You will find initial information and contacts on this website. For example, you can find out whether your travel will be paid for and what other kinds of support are available for people who return voluntarily. In particular, the website gives information on prospects and sources of advice in your home country.

Information and advice in Germany

Where do I start?

It’s sometimes difficult to know where to start when you have an important decision to make: you have so many questions going round in your head. It will help to write down all your questions and then to start grouping them together. What do you need to know first?
This website provides a range of information and links to more specialised websites. If you have further questions, information and advice is available in Germany.

Telephone hotline

A telephone hotline can help answer initial questions.
The hotline is staffed by the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

+49 911 9430
The hotline operates from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 15:00.

Find a local counselling centre

Return counselling centres can advise you in person. You will find these centres all over Germany, usually in towns and cities. Use the search box on the next page to find your nearest centre: just type in the name of place in Germany where you are currently living.

Search engine for counselling centres

Note: This website is available in several languages. You can select your preferred language by clicking the drop-down menu in the top right hand corner.

Travel support

Support with returning home

You want to return to your country of origin, but have not enough money for buying a ticket? You can have your travel expenses paid by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). This applies also if you or a family member is ill and special provisions must be made for the flight.

Important note: to leave Germany, you will need authorisation to cross the German border. You can obtain this document from the Foreigners’ Registration Office (‘Ausländerbehörde’). To re-enter your home country, you will need a valid passport or other travel document.

If you are interested in returning to your home country voluntarily, you should obtain professional advice. Return counselling centres can give you this advice. They also deal with applications to have your travel costs paid – of course, this also covers your family’s travel costs if they are in Germany with you. Contact your local return counselling centre and ask about the REAG/GARP programme.

Information on repatriation assistance programmes (REAG/GARP)
Search engine for counselling centres

Note: This website is available in several languages. You can select your preferred language by clicking the drop-down menu in the top right hand corner.


Kosovo is a comparatively small country but it offers excellent prospects for success.

Both local and international companies operate in Kosovo and are always looking for new staff. There are interesting job opportunities in other types of organisation, too.

If you have completed an apprenticeship, you can find a good job in Kosovo. The country also wants and needs people with experience of working abroad.

Good skills in languages such as English and German are an advantage when it comes to finding a job but will also help you to integrate in society.

Are you looking for training? Or do you need a new job? We can support you and your family across the country with training and help to find work.

Find out more about local opportunities in our advice centre.


Would you like to access advice in Kosovo itself? The DIMAK advice centre can advise you on what is available in the country, including opportunities for training and placements, help with applying for jobs and employment opportunities. DIMAK also runs regular jobs fairs in Albania in conjunction with companies looking for new staff.

Or perhaps you are interested in a job in Germany? DIMAK can also advise you on whether there will be opportunities for you to work in Germany in future. And if you have already completed an apprenticeship or a course of study, DIMAK will help you to find out how you can get your qualifications recognised in Germany.

German Information Centre for Migration, Training and Employment (DIMAK)
Gazmend Zajmi nr. 12
10000 Priština
+383 38 223344
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00
Find the DIMAK Advice Centre on Facebook

The URA returnees’ centre in Prishtine/pristina

The URA Returners’ Centre can support you once you have returned to Kosovo. You must have spent at least six months in Germany and have lived in one of the following federal states: Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Bremen, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein or Thuringia. You must submit any applications directly to the returnees’ centre in Prishtine/Pristina.

URA Returners’ Centre
Rr. Mark Isaku Nr. 24
10000 Priština
+381 38 233 002 100
Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 09:00-11:30 and 12:30-15:00
Use this link to access a document about the services offered by the URA Returners’ Centre


National employment agency

You can find job vacancies and other information on looking for a job on the Federal Employment Agency’s website.

Jobs forums

The following websites also have details of vacancies for those looking for a job.



Would you like to learn German or improve your German language skills? At the Priština Language Centre, you can take language courses and a final examination. The Centre cooperates with the German Government’s cultural and language teaching organisation, the Goethe-Institut.

British Council Kosovo

Would you like to learn English or improve your English language skills? The British Council website offers a range of options for studying online.

Innovation Centre Kosovo

Would you like to work in the IT sector or start your own IT business? The Innovation Centre offers a range of related courses.

Note: Some of the offered courses are subject to a fee. Please check on the website which courses are best suited to your needs.


This training centre runs courses in a range of areas, including marketing, law and graphic design.

Note: Some of the offered courses are subject to a fee. Please check on the website which courses are best suited to your needs.



Have you completed a course of study in Kosovo and now want to set up your own company? The Business Support Centre can offer help and support.

The center moreover offers free courses, for example, SPSS courses


Would you like to set up your own business but want professional help and support? The ICK Incubator can help with advice, mentoring and technical equipment, among other areas.

Note: The ICK’s offers are subject to a fee.


Would you like to set up your own company but need finance to do so? The KEP Trust awards small loans at 31 branches across Kosovo.


You would like to establish your own small agricultural business and need funding for equipment, livestock, storage etc.? Then you should go to KosInvest to find out about the potential for a loan. The institution advances loans of up to EUR 10,000.

Unfortunately, the website is available only in English. However, advice in the Albanian language can surely be accessed by using the contact form.


AWO Nürnberg in Kosovo

You wish to return to Kosovo, but you need help for your family? The counselling centres in Prishtine/Pristina and Prizren can provide you with support. Do you require medical care or initial support for your children’s school attendance? The organisation will help in these matters, too.

CRP/K (Civil Rights Program in Kosovo)

Do you need legal advice regarding your personal documents, property issues, education and health? The programme supports you so that your return to Kosovo results in a successful future. You can access free advice at the CRP/K in Pristina.

Are you seeking asylum in Kosovo? The organisation will support you and lobbies at a political level for your legal protection.

Are you a member of the Ashkali, Balkan Egyptian or Roma community without identification papers or are you perhaps not even registered? The organisation supports you in registering your status. This prevents your statelessness.

Unfortunately, the website is currently only available in English.

You are sure to be able to contact the advisors on site also in the Albanian language


Are you a member of the Ashkali, Balkan Egyptian or Roma community and did you have to leave your home? Do you wish to return to Kosovo? Then this is where you can find information and support for your return and reintegration in Kosovo.
The organisation will help you if you are a woman and would like to become self-employed. You will also learn to use your income efficiently.


The Learning Centre Roma Mahalla in Mitrovicë/Mitrovica moreover offers educational and psychological care for children in need. If your children have suffered traumatic experiences, they can access the necessary psychological support at the Learning Centre. This will help them to overcome these experiences. The children are moreover prepared for school attendance and receive supervision when doing their homework.

Note: The organisation maintains contact points in Prishtine/Pristina, Mitrovicë/Mitrovica and Prizren.
Unfortunately, the website is available only in English, but you can access advice in the Albanian language by telephone or directly on site.


Are you a returnee or single mother in Kosovo and would you like to become self-employed or establish a small business? The association could help you in doing this. It offers training courses to identify your strengths and skills. You then can initiate the first steps towards establishing your own small business.

For example, a successful female-led company already exists in Krushe e Madhe.

AMICA moreover offers support for women who have become the victim of violence. Various support programmes are available if you wish to access psycho-social support, health care and legal advice.

The team has also created an emergency hotline for urgent cases that you can call for help.

Note: Unfortunately, the website is available only in English and German.


If you have decided to return to your country of origin, this society could help you in your reintegration. It has helped several families in their safe return to Kosovo since 2002. It has moreover helped some families to build a house.
Would you like to find out more about their support programmes? Then best contact the authorised staff on site.

The association maintains contact points in five cities in Kosovo: Prishtine/Pristina, Peja/Pej, Mitrovicë/Mitrovica, Prizren and Gjilan/Gjilane vertreten.

Note: The website is available in English and Albanian. Access to German content is limited.


Are you a member of the Roma community and would you like to start a degree course, but lack the necessary funds? Then you can apply with the Roma Education Fund for a grant. Detailed information on the criteria and deadlines for grants are available from the website. The information on grants is available in a range of different languages.