Where do I start?

It’s sometimes difficult to know where to start when you have an important decision to make: you have so many questions going round in your head. It will help to write down all your questions and then to start grouping them. What do you need to know first?
If you have further questions, information and advice is available in Germany.

Telephone hotline

A telephone hotline can help answer initial questions.
The hotline is staffed by the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

+49 911 9430
The hotline operates from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 15:00.

Find a local counselling centre

Return counselling centres can provide personal advice. You will find these centres all over Germany, usually in towns and cities. Use the search box on the next page to find your nearest centre: just type in the name of place in Germany where you are currently living.

Search machine for counselling centres

Please note: this website is available in several languages. You can select your preferred language by clicking the drop-down menu in the top right hand corner.

Travel support

Would you like to return to your home country? You can travel by plane, train or bus or use your own car. If you do not have enough money to buy a ticket home, you can get support with your travel costs. You may also be eligible for a payment of EUR 200 for your journey and for a further EUR 500 to help you get started back in Afghanistan.

Have you applied for asylum in Germany? If so, and you now wish to return to Afghanistan, you can withdraw your asylum application. You can then receive an additional EUR 1,200. Alternatively, if your asylum application has been turned down and you decide to return quickly to Afghanistan, you may be eligible for EUR 800. The date by which you must have left Germany depends on the date on which your asylum application was turned down. If your family also returns with you, you may receive an additional family payment of EUR 500 (this applies to families of more than four people).

Important note: to leave Germany, you will need authorisation to cross the German border. You can obtain this document from the Foreigners’ Registration Office (‘Ausländerbehörde’). To re-enter your home country, you will need a valid passport or other travel document.

If you are interested in returning to your home country voluntarily, you should obtain professional advice. Return counselling centres can give you this advice. They also deal with applications to have your travel costs paid – of course, this also covers your family’s travel costs if they are in Germany with you. Contact your local return counselling centre and ask about the REAG/GARP programme and Start-up Cash Plus (StarthilfePlus).

Information on repatriation assistance programmes (REAG/GARP)
Information on additional start-up assistance for returnees (StarthilfePlus)
Search machine for counselling centres

Note: This website is available in several languages. You can select your preferred language by clicking the drop-down menu in the top right hand corner.

Programmes in Afghanistan

The situation in Afghanistan remains difficult in many places. Even so, the country offers great potential for development and a host of opportunities.

Especially business founders face good prospects of building a profitable business. Service providers are in particular demand, in a wide range of fields ranging from mobile phone repairs and the hairdressing and cosmetics professions, to the manufacturing industry and agriculture.

The economic output has greatly increased over the past years, resulting in the creation of many new job opportunities in the country. Numerous domestic companies, international organisations and government institutions search for employees with a wide range of skills.

Most organisations favour applicants with good language skills, for example, in English and German. This is why foreign language skills increase job seekers’ prospects.

We offer support in investing in your skills and competences if you are looking for a suitable position in a domestic company or an international organisation in Afghanistan. Whether you are looking for short-term training or vocational education and training: we help you to upgrade your education in many fields and in finding a suitable job.

Together with our partners, we can also offer wide-ranging support in other fields, for example, regarding legal issues and psychological problems.

Please contact our local advisors for more information about our support programmes.
Skype: reintegration-afghanistan
Times for Skype counselling: Monday and Thursday 8:00-10:00 am CET = 11:30-13:30 AFT

Job Research

You are looking for a job? You can search for job offers in Afghanistan on the following platforms:

Afghanistan Job Platform
Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development (ACBAR)
Afghan Jobs


You are interested in vocational education and training? The Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute offers two-year vocational training programmes as well as short-term courses in the fields of ICT, construction, economics, agriculture and automotive engineering.

Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute (ATVI)

Business foundation

You wish to establish a business in the field of IT or new technologies? Ibitkaar provides offices, training, advice, networking opportunities as well as support regarding market access and funding for start-ups.


You are thinking of opening your own small shop, but do not know where to start? Then you could attend a Small Business Training at HELP.


Social services

You are looking for someone to talk to about personal difficulties, conflicts within the family or traumatic experiences? The professional counsellors at Ipso Care are there for you online.

Ipso Care